GISEM Entrance Requirements

GISEM is designed for middle management and senior professionals desiring advanced content. To attend this professional development program, participants must apply and satisfy the listed criteria or be exempted because of special circumstances.

1. Position of rank: VP, Dean, Registrar, Director, Associate, Assistant, or Coordinator and have...

2. Five years experience in the field(s) of Admissions, Recruitment, or Registrar/Records

3. Employed by a GACRAO member institution

4. Minimum of a BA or BS from a SACS or other Regional accredited institution

5. Institution must be in good standing with GACRAO regarding dues and accreditation

Exemptions: Applications for candidates not meeting any of the first three above criteria may be approved if sponsored by an Enrollment Services Director, VP, College President, GACRAO President or former GACRAO President and approved by the GACRAO Executive Committee.

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