Executive Committee



Natasha B. Talreja
Kennesaw State University
Assistant Director of Transfer and Adult Admissions
Phone: 470-578-6914
Email: ntalreja@kennesaw.edu

Member at Large I (Corporate Partners)
Justin Barlow
University of West GA
Director of Admissions
Phone: 678.839.5651
Email: jbarlow@westga.edu
President Elect
Erin Chadwick
Kings Ridge Christian School
Counseling & Academic Affairs
Phone: 770.754.5738
Email: echadwick@kingsridgecs.org
Member at Large II (Hospitality & Entertainment)
Taylor King
Columbus State University
Regional Admissions Counselor
Phone: 706.507.8876
Email: king_taylor@columbusstate.edu
Immediate Past President
Selena Magnusson
Georgia Northwestern Technical College
Registrar and Director of Admissions
Phone: 706-295-6866
Email: smagnusson@gntc.edu
Member at Large III (Mid-Year and New Professionals)
Deshaun Alexander
Spelman College
Office of the Registrar
Phone: 404-270-5237
Email: dalexa15@spelman.edu
Tammy Gibson
Young Harris College
Assistant VP for Enrollment Management and Technology, Registrar
Phone: 706-379-5125
Email: tgibson@yhc.edu

Member at Large IV (Professional Access & Equity)
Corey Parker
GA Piedmont Technical College
Director of Admissions & Records
Phone: 404.297.9522
Email: parkerc@gptc.edu
Secretary and Newsletter Editor
Christine Ball
Augusta Technical College
Director of Enrollment Services
Phone: 706-771-4150
Email: cball@augustatech.edu
Local Arrangements Chair
Brookeanna Herring
Chattahoochee Technical College
Student Outreach Specialist: External Affairs
Phone: 770-975-4114
Email: bherring@chattahoocheetech.edu

Duties of Officers

The duties of each Executive Committee member are described below:

It shall be the duty of the President to assume full responsibility for all general activities of the Association, to conduct all necessary correspondence with the members in regards to meetings of the Association, and with the assistance of the Executive Committee, to arrange the programs. In case the office of the President becomes vacant, the order of succession shall be the usual one.

The President-Elect will succeed to the Presidency the year following the term as President-Elect, and in addition, it will be the responsibility of the President-Elect to plan and arrange the annual meeting which will terminate his/her term as President-Elect. To be elected to this office, the President-Elect must have served on the Executive Committee for at least one year as Secretary, Treasurer, or a Member-at-Large. With the exception of President-Elect, there is no automatic progression from any one position on the Executive Committee to another.

Immediate Past President
The Immediate Past-President shall serve in an advisory capacity and shall be a member of the Executive Committee and will serve as a member of the Professional Access and Equity Committee. The Immediate Past President will chair the Committee on Honorary Membership and Awards and the Nominations and Elections Committee.

The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping the minutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee and the minutes of all meetings of the Association and shall distribute the latter to the members. The Secretary shall also be responsible for the printing of letterhead and envelopes. The Secretary will provide information to SACRAO and AACRAO (when requested) concerning activities of GACRAO, will provide information to the website editor (when requested) for inclusion on the GACARO website. The secretary will be responsible for preparing evaluation forms for each program session at the annual meeting and summarizing them for the executive committee as well as meeting with session recorders at the annual meeting to explain their duties and responsibilities.

The Treasurer shall collect the membership dues, registration fees, other miscellaneous revenues, pay the bills as authorized by the President, shall make a report at the annual meeting of the Association, shall keep an accurate list of the members of the Association, will be responsible for monitoring the updates of the membership directory on the GACRAO website, and will also be responsible for conducting the registration process for the annual GACRAO conference. .

Member-at-Large I
The Member-at-Large I will solicit vendors to exhibit at the annual meeting of the Association and for soliciting ads to be placed in the printed program of the annual meeting. This person will also be responsible for registering the vendors and others for providing them with suitable exhibit space.

Member-at-Large II
The Member-at-Large II shall be responsible for hospitality, receptions and public relations for the Association. Specific responsibilities will include a reception on Monday during the annual meeting to which the following will usually be invited: the Executive Committee members, a representative and his or her spouse of each vendor which exhibits at the annual meeting, program committee members and other who might be specified by the President.

Member-at-Large III
The Member-at-Large III shall be responsible for arranging and conducting the New Professionals' Orientation Program and Handbook for the annual meeting and coordinating and conducting the annual Mid-year Workshop.

Member-at-Large IV
The Member-at-Large IV is responsible for developing sessions and workshops relating to access and equity issues. Member-at-Large IV will chair a committee that works with other committees to ensure that underrepresented populations have the opportunity to enhance their professional development through organizational participation.

Local Arrangements Chair
The Local Arrangements Chair is responsible for the equipment (screens, projectors, flipcharts, electrical cords, etc.) and signage necessary to support the yearly professional GACRAO meetings. The LAC Chair works closely with the President Elect to coordinate signage and equipment needs. As well, the LAC chair works to coordinate all physical aspects of the conference with the onsite conference representative.