GACRAO Membership Directory

To check your Institution’s Membership/Staff Information, please click on the following link:  *Membership*  

At this point, your institution will need to follow one of the follow sets of instructions:

For institutions not listed as a member, please follow these instructions:
1.      Have One person complete the membership registration for all staff at your institution. 
2.      This requires coordination between the offices of Admissions and Registrars. 
3.      Please click Purchase Membership Here in the upper right corner and follow the instructions.

If your institution is listed, but you need to add or change information:
1.      Only One person at your institution can make the changes. 
2.      You will need to check with all listed members from your institution to locate who actually registered the members.
3.      The staff member who initially registered your institution will have a confirmation email with a confirmation number and is the only one who can make these changes
4.      Use the link in that confirmation email to access your membership and make changes/additions
5.      The original confirmation number will be entered here and the staff member can make changes and/or add additional staff

Please remember that membership is paid per institution and not per staff member, therefore if two people register for membership from the same institution concurrently, your institution will be charged twice.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Christine Ball,