GISEM Registered Enrollment Professional Requirements

To complete the REP program and receive a Certificate, the following is required.

1. Application accepted for candidacy by the GISEM steering committee. Deadline for complete application is September 1 of each year.

2. Submit with the REP application a brief resume or one page vita listing career experiences, professional memberships and college degrees earned.

3. Payment of GISEM registration fee of $75 at two annual conferences in addition to the annual conference registration fee.

4. Attendance at all GISEM advance track sessions.

5. Conduct three 6-hour field visits with the Registrar and Admissions offices at approved GACRAO member campuses. Available campuses represent a variety of enrollment management experiences at large/small, private/public and 2/4 year institutions.

6. You are encouraged to complete requirements within a period of three consecutive institutes from the date of application.

7. Institutional field visits may not be scheduled/conducted prior to the candidate's first attendance at GISEM.

8. Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution required.

9. REP candidates must be "in-service: and directly employed in one or both of the primary offices of Admissions/recruitment or Registrar/records to be considered for this endorsement. Personnel who perform similar roles, but report to other authorities outside of the traditional enrollment service offices are not eligible for the GACRAO endorsement.

Institution Recognition

This listing indicates that REPs enjoy the state professional association's distinction as having voluntarily improved professional readiness in the field of Enrollment Management. Endorsement is demonstrated by attending a prescribed curriculum at recorded annual conferences and documented completion of three on-site field visits to colleague institutions.