GACRAO Awards & Nomination Form
GACRAO Awards Nomination Form


Outstanding Young Professional Award

This recognition is for a GACRAO member who has made outstanding contributions to the association and to the profession in a relatively short period of time. To be considered for this award, a nominee must have been active in the profession five years or less. 


Honorary Membership

This honor is reserved for individuals no longer eligible for active membership in the Association (retiring from or leaving the profession in Georgia) who have made significant contributions to the admissions and records profession and to GACRAO. Should an honoree reenter the profession such that he or she regains eligibility for active membership, the honorary status shall be deferred until honoree is again no longer eligible for active status.


Carol Nobles Distinguished Service Award

This highly selective and rarely given award may be conferred either to current members of the association whose contributions have been so extraordinary as to warrant special recognition while still active, or to individuals retiring from or leaving the profession whose contributions warrant special recognition. Recognition is based on a variety of factors including the nominee’s participation in and leadership of GACRAO, SACRAO and AACRAO activities as evidenced by holding office, fulfilling committee responsibilities, and attending and regularly participating in annual meeting programs. Service in the admissions and records profession for a substantial portion of one’s career, other professional activities, and publications are also considered. In order to keep this award highly selective, its criteria have been quantified. A point system guides the Honorary Membership and Awards Committee during its screening of nominees. The point scale is available on the GACRAO website. A minimum of 300 points is required to be considered for the award. Nominee must have left active practice of the profession or have served honorably in the profession for a minimum of 25 years. 


Joe F. Head Professional Development Award

Created in 2010, this award is presented in recognition of individuals who have demonstrated exceptional efforts in fostering professional development- both for self and colleagues and made outstanding accomplishments in the field of professional development. This award is named for Joe F. Head, Retired Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services and Dean of University Admissions.

Friend of GACRAO Award

This award is given to individuals, organizations, or a company who has made a significant contribution to the annual conference or growth of GACRAO. Active Members or institutions are not eligible to receive this award. Recipients of this award are submitted by members of the Executive Committee and approved by the Nominations and Elections Committee.



GACRAO Awards Nomination Form